Pastor Andrew Stensaas

Hello! My name is Andrew Stensaas. I’m the pastor of First Baptist Church in Eaton, Ohio and I would like to tell you about how The American Gospel Project (AGP) was started.

In 2018, I was in a meeting where I heard Dr. Al Stone with Bearing Precious Seed Canada speak about the desire to get the Word of God into every home in Canada. In fifteen years, they have already reached more than half of the homes in their nation with over 6.5 million copies of John & Romans.

After this encounter with Dr. Stone, the Lord began to impress upon my heart to do the same in America. Although my church is a strong supporter of worldwide missions and Bible printing ministries, the thought was, “Is the Word of God getting into homes in America?” It’s sad to say but we now live in a country where even in rural towns, such as Eaton, Ohio, there are many who don’t know what the Bible is or even who Jesus is. I know sometimes churches distribute John & Romans in their city or ZIP code, but seldom do they go beyond their city limits. Our desire at First Baptist Church, through the ministry of the AGP, is to work county by county beginning in the states of Ohio and Indiana and get a copy of John & Romans, with a clear plan of salvation, into every home.

In our Preble County and the eight surrounding counties, there are approximately 600,000 homes and according to the U.S. Census, the average home has 2.53 people. In just these nine counties, that is over 1.5 million people who need and could receive the Gospel. 

The cost of printing and mailing one copy of John & Romans is only $0.50!
So for less than a postcard stamp, we can get the Gospel into the homes of our fellow Americans.

We believe when God's Word goes out, it will not return void and it will bear fruit.
Now in 2024, over 30 other churches have used the AGP to reach their towns and states with the Gospel. Would you please pray about partnering and helping us with The American Gospel Project?

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Dr. Al Stone

Dr. Al Stone pastored the Bible Baptist Church in St. Thomas, Ontario Canada for 30 years. Since turning the church over he has been traveling full-time as the General Director of Bearing Precious Seed Canada ministry and The Canadian Gospel Project (CGP). Their goal is to put a booklet of the Gospel of John and the Book of Romans into every one of the 14.5 million homes in Canada. The CGP has successfully produced and distributed a John and Romans in every one of the 14.5 million homes in Canada. The first nation in history to have every home receive the gospel in that form. 

With Canada so close to completing BPS Canada has joined forces to start the CanAm Gospel Project endeavouring to reach the United States next. 

Dr. Stone has preached to tens of thousands of teenagers in his 40-year ministry as well as having preached revivals, missions conferences, Bible conferences, and couples retreats in more than 15 different countries, and is a host on the Tiim Talks Podcasts.
He and his wife Ruthy have three children, Kayla / Derek (Harrison & Isla), Nate, Allison / Keith (Maverick & Miles)

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